About Us


The global financial markets industry is undergoing a multi-decade digitization of value, leveraging blockchain technology, that is transforming the way we think about investments, returns, reporting and the exchange of effort. At the core of the transition is the ability to create programmable value in a transparent, predictable and iterative way.


The BTA will connect, promote and advance the global security token ecosystem to help the sector grow to its full market potential.


The BTA exists to promote and lead the development of global security-type interoperability for tokens, to promote best practices and to influence the definitions of securities through the use of policy, frameworks, code, education, group thinking and real actions.

Founding Members



Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver, Founding Chairman

Jeff Pulver is the Founding Chairman of BTA. Jeff has been involved in ground breaking global public policy work since he founded the VON Coalition in 1996 and continues to contribute to the worldwide growth of the VoIP Industry. The impact of the FCC’s issuance of “The Pulver Order” continues to be felt today worldwide by consumers as well as everyone involved in the Communications Industry. We believe this is the kind of experience needed to help drive and guide the growth of the Blockchain Token Industry at this moment in time.